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LonelyBond #60 - Name Please

Welcome one! Welcome all! It is me again, here to write about how my I've advanced with LonelyBond since last week!

And this time, as you can see, I've decided to get to know you - the player a little bit better.

Yes! The glorious name inputting system that everyone know and love.

In the meantime, I'll wear my Undertale inspirations on my sleeve (because that's the easiest no-design-needed solution for a good looking input system).

It's almost completely integrated to the starting scene of the game, but I guess I need an extra hour or so to really finish it (functionally).

Also, a cool thing about the system is that I thought about localization ahead of time and...

So... I wanted to say "this took me just a minute of copying the Japanese hiragana from google to make this". I really did (and it's not far from the truth!) but....

As I did just create this while writing this blog post, I came across some problems that I might want to address (and might not).

This is not really "easily readable" as it doesn't separate the letters to the different 'letter groups'

And again, here is Undertale, doing it right in their Japanese version.

It's a way more complex (and customized) system, specifically made for Japanese. So for now, I think I'll let that one slide as... well... I am far from translating the game so creating a special menu for a different language is a bit much.

The main point is clear though - the system does support different languages, but some might need a custom menu. These are relatively good problems to have imo.

A thing that I want to start doing is maybe creating a weekly / biweekly / whenever VLOG for LonelyBond, and I'd love to know what you guys think. Please let me know if you'd watch, and if you do - what are the things that you'd like to see.

And I'll leave you all for this week with that thought.

See you all soon :)

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