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LonelyBond #59 - Breakthrough

Thank you for joining me to the weekly LonelyBond blog, where each week I talk about the struggles, achievements and behind the scenes of making the game come to life :)

My back is killing me :D

Like, seriously, for the past two days I couldn't even sit at the computer at all. Writing this post is the only reason I'm at the computer right now.

But nonetheless I've been able to do some cool stuff this past week.

In the picture you can see how I'm planning to connect the different rooms of the orphanage. Sure, there will be some more rooms than showed here, but this is at the very least the main layout for it.

I especially tried to make it simple, and to allow you to get anywhere without making a super long trip (since you'll be walking around a lot).

Other than that I've done one exiting thing - I think I have a breakthrough with the writing block of the first chapter's conflict.

I've sat down and talked with my dad (that knows nothing of video games) and pretty much explained everything to him. What the setup is, who's fighting, and what should be at stake. Honestly, I didn't think that I'd get a good idea from it, but I wanted to share some of my frustration.

After I told him everything, he suggested a thing or two that could never work with the existing story. I've explained why the ideas are interesting but don't really fit in - and than he suggested something that does work.

It wasn't perfect, as he doesn't know all the details that pretty much lives in my head and in documents right now, but it was close enough to be something to work with.

What I'm trying to say it, help with these sort of things can come from places where you don't expect it, and it might be worth the time to explain your hurdles to someone that doesn't really know what you are trying to create.

Also, thank dad :)

And I'll leave you at that for now.

I really want to share more about the actual idea, but I'm afraid it will spoil too much about the plot - so you'll have to wait and see for yourself!

See you all next week :)

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on big announcements :)

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