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LonelyBond #55 - All The Information About The New Change

Thank you for joining me to the weekly LonelyBond blog, where each week I discuss with you about the struggles, achievements and behind the scenes of making the game come to life :)

I've done a lot of work I can be proud of this week!

For those that didn't read last weeks blog, I've decided to stop and reflect on some core parts of the game - specifically the hook of the game.

So I sat down to re-plan how the entire game story unfolds, and now I have all the macro pretty much figured out (the story structure), and some of the micro planned (all the different endings, how you get to them, how a single chapter works and so on).

With that, I feel really confident in the new direction LonelyBond is taking.

So let's share.

What is the core of LonelyBond right now?

"Your new home is cursed - whenever people argue chaotic phenomena are soon to follow.

Save everyone using your 'Power of Bond' by either connecting their hearts back together or tearing them apart for good."

Or in even simpler terms, LonelyBond is about solving conflicts.

Some major changes that happened in the game are:

  • The cast of characters is way smaller, probably around 20, but each one will have more depth to explore.

  • The game will no longer be in a school, but in an orphanage instead (I never knew what to teach you in those classes anyway).

  • The game is going to be more linear, but with way more impactful branching choices.

There are more changes, some derived from those stated above, but I think these are the main ones.

All of this work is sending my schedule back to hell, but I'm really close to finishing everything I need to stabilize it.

I am still working out on refining how the first chapter will work on the micro level, but once I do I'll rush myself back to my programming chair and get that chapter done as fast as possible.

And now, with all of that being said, I hope I sold you on the direction that LonelyBond is heading in.

I'd love to hear your thought on these changes, even if you do not like / understand them (especially even), as this is the best time to make more changes before I lock this story for good (the game has to be done someday, am I right?)

See you next week!

Ps: sign up to the mailing list ya coward.

Sign Up To The Mailing List!

No spam, and only

on big announcements :)

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