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LonelyBond #53 - Making The Intro

Thank you for joining me to the weekly LonelyBond blog, where each week I discuss with you about the struggles, achievements and behind the scenes of making the game come to life :)

Last week was a very special occasion - the development anniversary for LonelyBond!

I had a blast celebrating by meeting with some friends on that evening, eating an AMAZING assortments of brownies shaped to look like the main character of the game (Thanks again Yasmin <3)

So all in all, it was a good week, but putting celebration asides, it was a great week for development as well!

First of all, massive thanks to a friend of mine that decided to help me out and develop a cool system to easily create scenes for the game.

It's still being developed, but it's already saving me tons of time! (And I'll make sure to show it off to you all once you can go and get it yourself too)

Other than that, I've developed a nice little system that helps by supporting multiple text outputs. It's a bit abstract to explain right now, but it should allow me to use text in a lot of creative ways in the near future.

A simple use for it is outputting text to a different style of 'speech bubble'.

The current use for it is very very small, but the picture above uses that system to direct the text to a different output system than the default speech bubble, creating a different look for the text.

I've also worked on content inputting. A lot of it. From designing the actual levels of the school, to putting scenes together and what not. I can't wait until I can finally show you a little bit more from it - but it's too rough for now so please be patient :)

Also, The mailing list saw a nice little increase in signs ups - so that's a great plus! (and if you haven't already - go and sign up to it! Some secret stuff are coming for it in the future ;))

And that pretty much sums it up!

Please go ahead and tell me what you think about this weeks blog.

So until the next one, have a great week!

Sign Up To The Mailing List!

No spam, and only

on big announcements :)

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