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LonelyBond #51 - You Can Choose

Hello and welcome back! Had a good week? Ready to read about mine?

Let's do this.

The picture you can see here is a horrible looking test scene for a change I am making right now.

Actually, if you are really paying attention you will see that I'm posting this post relatively late to when I am usually writing my weekly blog.

The reason? Well, I lost sense of time while working on it (and after writing this, I'm coming back to the code to continue some cool other stuff)

"But what is it?", you probably didn't ask but i'll answer anyway:

Up until now I created all sorts of cool features for the text system in LonelyBond, mostly stuff to make character text feel unique and interesting visually (None of it is visible on screen), some stuff are there to support long term goals such as localization options and... well... it being a fast system for me to write in.

And yet while writing the content for the first chapter - I need some more stuff that I have yet to implement (until today).

One of these stuff is the really basic mechanic of "choosing an option out of a list" (which you are seeing in the image), but I've taken this opportunity to add some cool stuff that I really can't wait to show you once they are in use ;)

Oh! And speaking of the first chapter - things are going well!

As a reminder to last week - I have a milestone coming up to finish this first chapter, and it is separated to two:

  • Finishing it functionally so it is playable

  • Polishing it

The functional part is a real sprint that I have to work a lot of time for (probably harder than I usually work in order to meet my own deadlines).

But worry not! I separated all the tasks to small ones with good estimates to when each one should be done - and I am on my way :)

And that brings me to next week!

In case you didn't notice, I've been marking each and every post I've done with a week number. This one is 51... so next week is week 52!

..What do you mean "so what"?

There are 52 weeks in a year guys!

So yes. Next week LonelyBond celebrates a YEAR of development!!

Therefore I'll try and make next week's post as big and interesting as I can.

So I'll see you then? ;)

Oh! And if you can - please subscribe to the mailing list - it is the best way to know for sure that you won't miss on the big things once they come up.

Sign Up To The Mailing List!

No spam, and only

on big announcements :)

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