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LonelyBond #45 - PAX East Impressions

Hey everyone! How are you?

PAX East is DONE, and with that I am finally able to come back home and return to work on the game itself.

But first, let's write a little bit about the experience :)

This PAX is the first big gaming convention I have ever been to, and it was crazy.

Remember how I've said GDC had a lot of attendees? Well, PAX had more than twice as many people.

And while the halls of the conventions were huge (and they were), it was significantly smaller than the halls of GDC.

Put these two facts together and you get a highly dense space full with tons of people, developers and fans alike, trying to see and experience everything this environment has to offer.

Overall - it was really, really cool.

In this PAX I volunteered at the awe inspiring 'Indie Mega Booth', which had an entire zone of their own, filled with tons of upcoming indie games from other hopeful developers (some that already made a name for themselves, some, like me, that have yet to put their first commercial game out of the door).

First of all - I recommend this experience to everyone in my position, hoping to meet and help other developers in this stressful time of showing your game to the public.

I've met some really cool people from the industry, got to play and give feedback to some cool upcoming games and hopefully made some long term new friends :D

When I did have some free time from volunteering, I just went around the convention to look at what other booths are like.

From a zombie infested zone, to a mountain of board games and merchandise - the convention had everything that you'd expect to find in it. It was honestly so fun that I forgot to go to some of the lecturers that I marked in my schedule (although I did enjoy the ones that I managed to attend)

To summarize, PAX is a really good time, and I'd love to return to it in the future (although, I hope next time I'll display LonelyBond and meet some cool volunteers that will help me out :P)

This week I'll concentrate on organizing all the connections I've made with people, following up on the 150+ business cards I've got, and just hopefully rest for a little bit - but I'll try to fit in something cool to show you on the next blogpost ;P

See you next week!

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