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LonelyBond #39 - Searching For A Look, And I Need Your Help!

Hello everyone, how was your week?

Mine has been full of ups and downs. On the one hand, I started working on the look of the game (which you can see the WIP of in the picture above), but on the other... I was sick for about half of it.

Good news is, that I'm fine now - so I can go back to work (:

Anyway, what is that drawing all about you might ask... well, let's talk about it.

I took this time to work on my game because I very much believe in it.

I know I can make great puzzles, and a great story that people will enjoy and care about once they play, but one of my worries is... will people play the game? (or to be more precise, will enough people play the game?)

As I see it, in order to call LonelyBond a success story, it needs to reach a certain financial goal.

It is my first game, so I'm not going for a mega-high estimate of players, but making a game is expensive - so it has to at least show that making games in the future is a viable thing to do.

Therefore, I've been trying to think about how to deal with one of my weak spots for a long time now - art.

People love things that look good.

It's necessary to get the attention of people to look and consider buying your game that the game will be visually striking.

Sure, there are plenty of examples of bad looking games that done great, but with thousands of games coming out every year, steam is mostly a graveyard now.

So since you don't get a second attempt at a first impression, I've decided to work on the visuals of the game to make them more striking.

Glad you asked!

I am working on a budget here, so hiring some big-shot animator and visual artist is not really an option right now (although, If I'd find someone good that's willing to work with me - I might just go for it!).

So I have to look at this in a realistic way.

I've became a whole lot better at art since I began this journey - but I still have a long way to go before I am able to ditch the pixel art aesthetic (also, I think it's cute). So what I'm trying to do is going for unique style that will catch your eye, even at the cost of some people not liking it.

This means in the following weeks (while working on other things), I will try to create a few different looks to the game.

I'll try animating the environment I've posted here. I'll try adding effects that will break the pixel art aesthetic. Every little trick that will be able to make the game stand out - I'm going to try it.

And so...

Please help me with this process!

If you think of a way that I can improve the visuals of the game - contact me!

It can be a cool photoshop filter, a nice art trick, color pallets, saying that you hate/love something, wanna offer help and join me - whatever it is - please tell me.

Thank you all for reading all of this - I hope that thanks to you the game will look great at the end.

See you next week (:

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