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LonelyBond #36 - How Was PC Connect?

Hey everyone! How are you all doing?

Last Monday (and Tuesday) I've been to an even called PC Connect in London, which is a part of 'Pocket Gamer Connect', a large event mainly for mobile game developers.

As you probably know, LonelyBond is not a mobile game, but even so I hoped to go and find some cool new people to bond with.

This was my first big game developers convection, and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

(PS: There is a TL;DR; at the end of the page.)

A cool thing you might not know about these sort of conventions is that there is a meeting system in place to help people find other people to do business with and set up a meeting at the convention.

But since I mostly went to meet with other indies I decided to use it to find friends and make people kind of laugh:

I didn't expect anything out of this honestly. Just kind of hoped that maybe some developer will find it funny and wanna meet up.

But it worked out.

I managed to set up a meeting with a few developers, and even a few publishers(!!!) that came to me because of this stupid profile.

And then came the convention itself, and in a way it was smaller than I thought it would be. There were 5 lecturers rooms for all sort of professional talks, mostly for mobile, but there were a few for a more general audience and even PC developers (and they were great).

There were two floors filled with booths containing both indie games showcasing their work, and booths from 'service providers' (such as Unity, Ubisoft and so on).

The indie game booths were what I liked the most. I mainly ran around trying every game on the floor, talking to the developers to give them my feedback, and when they ask about me, I even got to talk about LonelyBond.

So that is pretty much how I spent the two days of the convention. Other than that, I went to the party the convention held at a nearby bar which was really fun (and where I got to meet and talk to a whole bunch of fun people).


  • The convention was a great way to meet other indies (and I really hope I'll get to stay in touch with a lot of them)

  • The party are A MUST (seriously, I talked with more indies over there than in the entirety of my time in the convention)

  • Use the meeting system to try and find what you are looking for (even if it's as stupid as writing 'I want to find indie developers to be friends with')

  • PC Connect is still mostly a mobile oriented convention - go only if you are in the area (or... you know... are developing mobile games)

Thank you for reading,

See you next week (:

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