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LonelyBond #34 - Let's Bond!

Hey everyone! How was your week?

It took a lot of time, but I think it was worth it, so do read that if you have the time.

Anyway, this week I decided to look into something that I should have done a month ago, and see if there are any interesting game related conventions in London soon (as I am currently staying there for a month).

Lo and behold, PC Connect, a really big game developer convention is happening when I am here!

So I took some time this week to research everything I can about this convention.

I scheduled some appointments, worked out my schedule, and started working on a business card (with a whole lot of help from my lovely friend, Efrat).

This took up a generous time out of my week, but I also managed to work on rebuilding the game's physics.

A great question to ask would be "why would you do that, you use an engine, use the engines physics dummy!".

But... Well... Unity's physics are a bit clunky.

When writing a platformer that should feel good, you should probably use what is called a 'kinematic controller', which basically means you write the physics yourself. It gives you more control on how everything in the game will feel, and I really need that control (also, it will help me fix some bugs coming from how unity calculate physics).

Therefore, I am busy working on that. Normally it won't be that much of a challenge, but my game needs a few special treatments in order to work properly (thanks to the Bond Mechanic) so I need a bit more time to sort it out, hopefully by next week I'll have a nice looking gif to show you of everything working.

Thank you for reading,

See you next week!

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on big announcements :)

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