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Week #29 - Chapter One, Almost Done

Hello again! I hope that you all are doing well.

Do you like the new website design?

I really hope that you do because I put a good few hours of work into it.

For those that needs a second to compare, this is how the old design looked:

And this is the new one (or, you know, look around):

I would really like to hear your opinion about the change!

And now more to the 'game development stuff' point.

I am almost done with rewriting the first chapter of the game, but you all are probably wondering how far off am I from writing it all.

I would like to address what I am writing in a more specific way.

Currently, this is how the first chapter looks like:

Yeah. I know. Very informative.

So let's explain what you all are looking at:

This is the diagram that represents the flow of the main events and action in first chapter (and it is small so you will not read it and spoil the surprise :P )

Basically, the first part of the game is the most linear part of the game (since some stuff just have to happen in order to have a game at all), but you can probably see that in some places the player has a choice between different paths.

This is very important, as some of these decisions are BIG and will have an effect for the rest of the game.

This graph helps me in planning out these different paths, in a sane manner - no matter what branches I choose, things should be fun, meaningful, and make sense.

So there is still some work to do to make this chapters graph better.

The main problem rise and fall on the different characters motives, so I've started working on a big, difficult task of deepening the different characters in this world.

This is itself has a lot of difficulties and many methods to go about, but since I am still working on that part I will save it for next week's explanation (:

As always, you are more than encouraged to tell me what you think, I love writing these 'behind the scenes' breakdowns for you to show off my hard work - so shout at me the different things you would like to read about!

See you next week!

Sign Up To The Mailing List!

No spam, and only

on big announcements :)

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