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Week #6 - Talking System Remade

I promised something big to you (and myself) last week, and I think that I delivered it.

So what is it able to do right now? A lot actually!

  • Creating huge dialogue trees and managing them through a cool state-graph structure (see picture below).

  • Saving what was already said and done in game, and letting characters act accordingly.

  • Enabling me to do anything while text is displayed (such as moving and zooming the camera on text to everywhere I want).

  • Easy cutscene making tool.

  • Writing and editing text easily through text files (that were created in a way to support localization in the future).

So basically, it will make making the game WAY EASIER, and will enable me making this game narrative heavily character driven. No need from me to hesitate to add more text because it is really easy.

So systems are nice and all, but what else is cooking?

I have changed the game feel for controlling the player. Right now it should feel way better to jump and move around, and I hope to see how players will react to the change in the next playtest (which is coming soon!)

Other then that, I am hard at work at the narrative of the game. Writing down drafts and ideas, and trying to find the thing that will get you the most excited to play and explore the world and the characters inside of it. If there are stuff which you think that would be Important for me to know on what gets you hooked in a story, please don't hesitate to contact me and tell me all about it!

Have a great week, and I'll see you next Monday (:

Sign Up To The Mailing List!

No spam, and only

on big announcements :)

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