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Week #3 - Finished Game Loop

It was a tough one, but here I am with another update on the game :)

This week I finished all the content that I planed for the playtesting (that will happen this weekend!!!) :

  • 2 Classrooms - DONE

  • 1 Hallway - DONE

  • 6 Puzzles - DONE


But while I finished all of the above, I still have a few things I would love to get by Thursday. They are not mendatory but they will improve the experience greatly:

  1. Music - Not a newly composed one because that will take way longer than 2-3 days for all these places, so most probably something free from the internet for now.

  2. Art Polish - While every art asset in the game right now is a temporary one, I would love taking some time to "make stuff pretty". Maybe I'll put in an effect or two in time.

  3. Game Feel Polish - I worked on this one quite a bit, but I am nowhere near finished.

Other than that, I'll most probably start working on questioners for the playtesters to get everything I can from their efforts.

Thank you everybody that signed up, and to those that plan to sign up to the next one! I hope it will be a good experience for all of you!

And now lastly, after the playtest I would like to start working more heavily on the narrative and characters of this game.

To those of you that did not know yet, this game is planned to be a character-driven puzzle platformer, with mystery elements and a lot of comedy.

That means I have to bring my A-Game to the table on writing the world and the characters in it - so do expect updates on that front very soon.

Thank you again for joining me on this journey!

See you next week (:

Sign Up To The Mailing List!

No spam, and only

on big announcements :)

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