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Here is the link for sign up for the playtesting!!

Just a few clarifications:

  1. EVERYBODY that sign up now will playtest. HOWEVER, just to keep the fresh eyes for the later improved build, there is a limit to this round of playtesting. Those of you who sign up "too late" will participate in the next playtest!

  2. Those that participate in this playtest are more than welcomed to participate in future playtests as well.

  3. The games current state is VERY early. The art is almost none-existing (and bad). The game-feel is far from formed, there are probably tons of bugs, and basically everything needs fixes. There is no shame in wanting to playtest at a later stage of development.

  4. Because of the current state of the game, I need to know your feedback more than ever. Once you will play, I will need you to tell me everything you think about everything, and If you are able to record you experience - even better.

Thank you very much for helping out, it does mean a lot.


As for the actual game update:

  • There was a horrendous bug in the engine that I've worked on for about two days (at the end I created a cool fix, so we are good).

  • Started and finished working on a boss "fight" for the playtest! Can't wait for people to try it out, but in the meantime... Here is a fun gif of a bug I had while programing it:

See you next time :)

Sign Up To The Mailing List!

No spam, and only

on big announcements :)

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