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What is LonelyBond?

LonelyBond is an upcoming comedy puzzle game about mystery and friendship!


You are a new student at a mysterious school.

It's only your first day and yet you find yourself involved with a wacky teacher, a group of bullies and getting scolded by the principal.


That alone would overwhelm anyone, so the last thing you needed was an unexplained dream that gave you a superpower - if two things look alike, you can bind them and they will act like one!

It seems like there is even more than meets the eye.

Join the school's "Legends Club" to investigate the 7 legends and prove that there is nothing to be afraid of... hopefully.

I Want To Know More!

The game is still in early development,

but you should follow us!

Got Any Questions?

Thank you for contacting :)

You are more than welcomed to ask!

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